The resolve cache mode

Btw. I think there is a general problem as well with respect to having multiple bndrun files in the same project. Is there any mechanism to disambiguate between these e.g. when launching tests vs. launching an application? It seems bnd may just simply use the first one it finds…

You should be able to right-click on the bndrun that you want to run and select “Bnd OSGi Test Launcher (JUnit)”, and it should run the tests in that specific bndrun. If this is not working, that is a bug.

If you right-click on the project, then it will use the bnd.bnd file as the launch.

If you right click on a test class, then it will use the last .bndrun launch that you used for that project. This is not perfect; perhaps we could prompt the user for input? Open to suggestions on how this could be improved.