Bnd/Bndtools eclipse install - where are all the usual places?

Installing bndtools in eclipse currently on the website I see

Latest stable release → JFrog
Latest release candidate → JFrog
Latest build snapshot → JFrog

Are versions 5.1,5.2,5.3 available ? If so where are they?

See Can't find old releases. · Issue #4915 · bndtools/bnd · GitHub

Tricky … Been using eclipse for 13 years and never noticed that check box …

All good.

I added a sentence to the main README about unchecking this box to see older versions of Bndtools. This seems a popular question and people are unaware of that checkbox.

Just curious, any reason you need an older version?

We standardize on a version across all our developers. When testing we install newer versions and then might have to rollback. When we add a developer we are doing a fresh install and need to use the exact version

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a reason why you some times have to roll back? I am just asking to see if we’re not seeing an important pattern since others also looked for older versions …