Bnd Native Launcher in a pure maven project

I have a pure Maven project with one OSGi bundle. The project has a bnd.bnd and a app.bndrun file.
The JAR is created incrementally including the corresponding OSGi headers.

I want to install and start this bundle with the Bnd Native Launcher in karaf. The app.bndrun looks like this:

-runpath: biz.aQute.remote.launcher

-runremote: debug;\
	shell   =   -1; \
	jdb     =   5005; \
	host    =   localhost; \
	agent   =   29998; \
	timeout =   30000

-runee: JavaSE-1.8

-runproperties: gosh.args=--noshutdown

-runtrace: true

-runbundles: \

When I start the launcher, the bundle is installed and started in karaf.

Whenever I change the Java code, the JAR is automatically regenerated. Unfortunately, the bundle will not restart.

I suspect the problem is because the BuildListeners are not being notified. The BndtooldBuilder does this, but this builder is not active in an enroute workspace (maven).

Is there a solution how to aotomatically restart the bundle with the Bnd Native Launcher?

If desired, I can publish an exmaple workspace on github.

You don’t mention how you are launching. That would help us understand the connection between the launcher and builders.

right-click on the posted .bndrun file and select Debug As -> Bnd Native Launcher

Could you try Debug As -> Bnd OSGi Run Launcher?

I have no OSGi Framework inside the workspace. I want to install and start the bundle on a karaf running remote.
Or do I have to add some OSGi Framework to my workspace?

My project is available here