Disabling the `releaseversions` parameter in the baseline plugin still does not allow snapshots?

Ok, so I thought the purpose of the releaseversions parameter int the bnd-maven-baseline-plugin was to allow it to use only release versions (instead of allowing both, release and snapshot versions).

However, when I look at the code of the plugin, it appears that snapshot versions are always skipped, even if the releaseversions parameter is disabled:

for (ListIterator<Version> li = found.listIterator(found.size()); li.hasPrevious();) {
			String highest = li.previous()
			if (toFind.setVersion(highest)
				.isSnapshot()) {
			if (onlyreleaseversions) {
				MavenVersion mavenVersion = MavenVersion.parseMavenString(highest);
				if (mavenVersion.compareTo(mavenVersion.toReleaseVersion()) < 0) {
					logger.debug("Version {} not considered since it is not a release version", highest);
					continue; // not a release version

What is the purpose of the releaseversions parameter if not to allow using snapshots when set to false?!

Specifically, I want to baseline against a particular SNAPSHOT version like:


It even tells me in the debug output that the version is found, but then it is ignored:

[DEBUG] Baselining against foo:bar:jar:6.5.1-SNAPSHOT, fail on missing: false
[INFO] Determining the baseline version for foo:bar:jar:6.5.1-SNAPSHOT using repositories [...]
[DEBUG] Found versions [6.5.1-SNAPSHOT]
[INFO] The baseline version was found to be null

Looking at the documentation, the releaseversions option is described as follows:

When searching a version range for the baseline, only consider release versions. That is, don’t consider alpha, beta, milestone, or rc versions. snapshot versions are never considered when searching for the baseline.

I see. It is a bit unfortunate though because I think it would be quite useful to be able to baseline e.g. a main branch against a maintenance branch without having to release that maintenances branch first.