gRPC-based remote services from bndtools code generation

There are four new videos showing

Part 1 - API Generation - The generation of a OSGi remote service API using bndtools code generation and the protoc/gRPC compiler. The example service API has both unary and streaming gRPC method types supported by the reactivex API.

Part 2 - Implementation and Part 3 - Consumer - bndtools-project-template-based creation of remote service impl and consumer projects

Part 4 - Debugging Eclipse/bndtools-based running/debugging of the remote service creating in parts 1-3.




Thank you Scott for this example showing multiple things…

  • usage of custom bndtools workspaces
  • with bnd project templates
  • using an external code generator inside bnd projects
  • Remote OSGi service via ECF
  • with etcd and zeroconf discovery
  • demonstrating gRPC capabilities

Worked as charm !