Index multiple files

Hi there!

When using aQute.bnd.repository.maven.provider.MavenBndRepository, I would like to set the value of “index” to the result of concatenating two files, so something like the union of a.mvn + b.mvn.

I have tried a few different ways. The approach that seems the most promising is to create a new file c.mvn, and have macros in there like this:



However, this causes an error that looks like “Invalid GAV com.example:com.example.bla:1.0.0”.

The GAV shown in the error message looks ok, so I am guessing that it must be a type error maybe.

BTW, even if I only cat a single file and the file has only one index entry, the error still occurs.

Has anybody ever tried this? Any thoughts about how, even using a different approach, I could potentially concatenate two existing index files into a “super” index file?


I’ve never tried what you are doing, but it seems to be a bug to me. What version are you using and can you open an issue in the meantime?

As a workaround you can misuse the BndPomRepository to achieve something similar. You can find an example here: cnf/geckoEMF/geckoEMF.bnd · develop · / geckoEMF · GitLab

Thanks @juergen-albert!

That let me to a solution. I changed “index” to “source” and just inserted a list directly, rather than reading from a file.