Registering service with injected bundle context using osgi-test

Hi all,

I have been trying out osgi-test the last couple of days by writing several very simple tests that use the functionality provided by BundleContextExtension and ServiceExtension.
Firstly, thanks for the very simple-to-use integration testing possibilities.
I wrote a test using both BundleContextExtension and ServiceExtension. I was expecting that if I would have an injected List<S> with S a certain type of service, and I would register a service using the BundleContext in the test, the List<S> would reflect the newly registered service. A ServiceAware<S> also does not seem to reflect the new situation.

Are my expectations wrong?

Kind regards,


Hi, this group is for the Bnd/Bndtools tools. If you want to ask about the osgi-test project at Eclipse, you should try the mail list.

Thanks, will do, sorry for the inconvenience.