Bnd/Bndtools 6.0.0 release candidate build available

We now have a 6.0.0-RC1 build available for your evaluation and feedback.

The 6.0.0 release has a lot of changes in it. Make sure to review the release notes at

Bnd (maven repo):

Bndtools (p2 update site):

Bnd Gradle Plugin:

pluginManagement {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url = uri("")

Bnd Maven Plugins:


Release notes are at

Please try this out and report any issues. We hope to complete the 6.0.0 release in a couple of weeks.


Just released a 6.0.0-RC2 build which adds a few fixes to RC1.

A 6.0.0-RC3 build is now available. This includes fixes to a number of Bndtools issues including a performance regression, a JVM crash (at least on macOS) when using Bndtools Explorer view, and Bnd Native Launcher not working.

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Yeah :slight_smile:

Just trying it out. Just one quick thing maybe worth mentioning

When I restarted Eclipse after RC3 Update (via Help / Install new software / Update Site), I saw the Eclipse Splash Screen for about 4 minutes. CPU was spiking to 1000% in Activity view. At first I thought it crashed, but then Eclipse opened. After that 4 minutes of nothing but high CPU, everything seems to run smooth. Even after nexxt restart (was about 10s as usual again) everything is fine.
Bnd Workspace with 54 projects, Macbook Pro 16", 8 Cores, 32GB RAM, MacOS 11.6

Maybe there is some kind of initial heavy convertion of pre 6.x to 6.x going on in the background. If this is the case, maybe you could mention it in the Release notes.

I have no idea what was happening there. Bndtools does not have any “conversion” logic to run. Normally the plugins don’t start operating until after the splash screen is closed, so I don’t think that would have been Bndtools.

Hmm ok, then never mind. It was a one time thing right after pressing the “Restart Eclipse” Button in the dialog popup which appears after bndtools installation finished.

This here looks like it describes a similar effect: biz.aQute.bndlib dependency from PDE may conflict with future BND tools releases · eclipse-pde/eclipse.pde · Discussion #774 · GitHub