Bnd/Bndtools 6.4.0 release candidate build available

We now have a 6.4.0-RC1 build available for your evaluation and feedback.

The 6.4.0 release is not a major release but has some bug fixes and new features. Make sure to review the release notes at

The next planned release will be 7.0.0 which will raise the levels of dependencies to Java 17 and Eclipse 2022-06.

Bnd (maven repo):

Bndtools (p2 update site):

Bnd Gradle Plugin:

pluginManagement {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url = uri("")

Bnd Maven Plugins:


Release notes are at

Please try this out and report any issues. We hope to complete the 6.4.0 release in a couple of weeks.


Build 6.4.0-RC3 is now available which includes several fixes for Bndtools m2e and also the Bnd maven plugins.

Running RC3 without any regressions or issues so far.
Pure BND Workspace model.

One thing (which also appeared before):

Is it possible to increase the height of the Runtime Properties in the bndrun dialog? I have a 32inc screen but I can just see max. 1 property.