Bnd/Bndtools 6.3.0 release candidate build available

We now have a 6.3.0-RC1 build available for your evaluation and feedback.

The 6.3.0 release is not a major release but has some bug fixes and new features. Make sure to review the release notes at

Bnd (maven repo):

Bndtools (p2 update site):

Bnd Gradle Plugin:

pluginManagement {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url = uri("")

Bnd Maven Plugins:


Release notes are at

Please try this out and report any issues. We hope to complete the 6.3.0 release in a couple of weeks.


Not sure this is a new thing but I have the following effect with 6.3.0 RC1:

I have two bundles:

  • my.api.bundle containing interface
  • my.impl.bundle containing impl class

When in the bnd.bnd of my.impl.bundle I use:

  • my.api.bundle;version=snapshot
  • or my.api.bundle;version=latest
  • or my.api.bundle

then the type-hierarchy in the my.api.bundle of the Service does not show the implementations.

But when I use

  • my.api.bundle;version=project

then the impl class shows up as expected.

I just read in the release notes that there has been some work.
But maybe it is also related to Version=project vs. version=latest and I never noticed so far.

Is this expected? Or an eclipse issue?

Thanks for reporting the problem. This was also reported yesterday in Type hierarchy not displayed · Issue #5250 · bndtools/bnd · GitHub which I am looking into.

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A 6.3.0-RC2 build is now available which includes a fix for the above mentioned issue with the type hierarchy.

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A 6.3.0-RC3 build is now available with a fix for a regression in exporting executable jars.

A 6.3.0-RC4 build is now available which reverted decoration behavior for unused literals due to backwards compatibility concerns.

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A 6.3.0-RC5 build is now available which includes fixes to jar signing support (-sign).

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