Bnd/PDE next future

Hello to the entire bnd community.

My team and I, managers of an opensource project, are considering migrating from PDE to bnd as the compilation system for our project.

After reading this post we started asking ourselves some questions, for example:
Will the two projects merge into one? Or will they remain separate? Will this change the current development and support in any way?

Thank you very much for the answers, maybe @juergen-albert can give us some answers if there is already a defined roadmap.


I do not see a merge between PDE and bnd on the near horizon, I do not see the man power that would be needed for such an effort. We did, however, agree to try to make features work in both environments. Since PDE now is heavily using bndlib, this should be easier for the bnd’ers :slight_smile:

Major issue is of course the CI build, Maven/Tycho or Gradle/bnd (or ant of you want).

Feel free to contact me to discuss the ins and outs. Bndtools is really awesome! :slight_smile: We’ve been adding lots of new features and can’t wait to present the coming Bntools AI Assistant!