Bndtools for VSCode

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are/were any plans for a port of Bndtools to other IDEs, (in my special case VSCode :wink: )

If not: off the top of your head, what would be possible pitfalls on the way if one ever tries to do this?

Kind regards,

Last year I looked into a port to the Language Server Protocol (LSP). This would allow use of bndtools under many editors and IDE’s, including VSCode & Eclipse. There is already a port of the Eclipse Java development environment that supports maven & gradle. The gradle support means that should work for bndtools.

I looked into adding bnd workspace support, after all it is based on OSGi! It definitely seems feasible but the code did not compile out of the box at the time. Although I think this is a very interesting idea I do not see how to get funding for such an effort. So experience tells me it is not going to happen.

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