Caching mvn source jars/multiple downloads on Eclipse start

When I restart Eclipse, the bndtools plugin downloads the src jar for bnd referenced mvn libraries multiple times (guessing once every time it is referenced). I have a big project (GitHub - OpenLiberty/open-liberty: Open Liberty is a highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment) and this means eclipse an Eclipse (re)start (for example when installing a new bit of software or when my laptop has been off or every now and then when it’s getting a bit grumpy) takes a loooooong time.

Is there any way to cache these or reduce it to one download per referenced library rather than 1 per reference? Thanks for the great tooling which keeps getting better.

@kriegfrj Do you know where in Bndtools sources jars are downloaded? I don’t think MavenBndRepository is the requestor.

The code directly responsible for downloading the sources is in MvnBndRepository:

However, that doesn’t explain why this code is being triggered for @Gordon.Hutchison. I was under the impression that sources are never downloaded automatically during builds (hence the reason why . It is only invoked on-demand when you try to do a source lookup. So I’m not sure what’s triggering the source downloads for @Gordon.Hutchison .

A bnd launch will trigger a download of sources during source lookup:

Also, the MavenBndRepository should only try and download the source if it’s not already present in the local Maven cache.

So we probably need a little bit more context from @Gordon.Hutchison to try and debug this one. @Gordon.Hutchison, if you could do a small video capture of the behaviour when it is happening and post it here, that would help a lot. Also please confirm the Bndtools version that you are using. Thanks!