Can't run junit integration test from eclipse

Hi all,

I’m using an integration test using the bnd-testing-maven-plugin , with Maven.

it works fine and I can run the integration test under eclipse by right clicking on the itest.bndrun file, then → Run As/Debug As → Bnd OSGi Test Launcher (Junit)

But it does not work when right clicking on the class itself, then → Run As/Debug As → Bnd OSGi Test Launcher (Junit), and the test is not executed.

I have created a sample project where I have the problem, could someone have a look ? maybe I misconfigured the pom.xml or the itest.bundrun file ?

The sample project is here:

it seems that the problem I’m having is the same from this issue, except that I don’t have any exceptions: Unable to Run As OSGi JUnit Test when using Maven · Issue #2792 · bndtools/bnd · GitHub

thanks in advance;

kind regards

It works for me. I just created a new Eclipse workspace using Eclipse 2021-09 + Eclipse m2e 1.18.2 (1.18.2 fixes a rebuild loop in m2e projects) and imported your repo. I can run the test using Run As>Bnd OSGi Test Launcher (JUnit) on the test class.


thanks for your response, I tried to use the same versions you are using, like this:

  • M2E - Extensions Development Support (optional) - m2e

  • Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Eclipse Packaging Project

but I still have the problem. it’s odd, I’ll try to check my environment.