-connection-log instruction not working

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I’m currently working with bndtools release version 6.1.0 and I wanted to verify locally that the settings in my connection-settings.xml are properly working. As mentioned in bndtools documentation, there should be the -connection-log instruction to allow logging of those settings.
Apparently, I couldn’t get it to work and having a look at the sources, it seems that I cannot find any trace of this instruction in the code.

So I was wondering, was/is/will this instruction/feature working once because it’d definitily help me debug builds.

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You are right, the code is in there but it is not activated by setting the property.

A good way to debug connection settings is the bnd com command.

Available sub-commands: 
  clear                       -         Clear the cached file that is
                                        associated with the givenURI 
  info                        -         Show the information used by the
                                        Http Client to get aremote file 
  settings                    -         Show the bnd -connection-settings 

Create a PR to implement this: [httpclient] Implement log as specified in doc by pkriens · Pull Request #5242 · bndtools/bnd · GitHub

Ah great, thanks for the PR and also the pointer to the bnd program/jar. That helps a lot.