Copying all required bundles to directory

I am looking for a way to copy all the bundles transitively required by a given Maven bundle module to a directory.

I found the bnd-export-maven-plugin which seems to create runnable JAR that would contain all the bundles. But I do not need a runnable JAR.

The maven-assembly-plugin won’t cut it either because I need the feature that the bnd-resolver-maven-plugin has which to consider bundles found in Maven’s dependency management section and not only bundles that are actual transitive dependencies when doing the resolving.

Optimally, I could tell the bnd-resolver-maven-plugin to resolve the requirements for a given bndrun file and copy them to a specified directory - but such a goal does not seem to exist in the bnd-resolver-maven-plugin.

Any ideas/pointers?

Looks like the bnd-export-maven-plugin does the trick. It was difficult to finds its documentation though. Simply searching for bnd-export-maven-plugin on google does not yield helpful results (for me).