Only including certain files in bundle

I have a project which configures the maven-jar-plugin to only include certain files in to the final JAR:


Now, I want to turn that Maven module into a bundle using the maven-bnd-plugin. However, the jar goal of the plugin does not seem to support includes/excludes and it also seems to replace the execution of the maven-jar-plugin so that the configuration has no effect anymore.

Specifically, I have some *.class files that should not end up in the bundle - it should be a pure data bundle (actually a fragment).

Is there any way to achieve only including certain patterns of files with the maven-bnd-plugin?

Seems you enabled bnd-maven-plugin to take over packaging, but you don’t have to!!! Just don’t enable the extension mode of the plugin and use the bnd-process mojo, then jar-ing will continue to be handle by the maven-jar-plugin.

See the different mojos documented here bnd/ at master · bndtools/bnd · GitHub