Error Log: Can Date column show seconds / milliseconds and maybe duration?

Not sure if this is a bndtools or Eclipse question.

1. Is it possible to show the Date column in the Error Log View more fine grained (e.g. add seconds or even milliseconds).
This would make sorting more useful to see in which order bundles are built.

2. Would it be possible to add the Duration also to the end of Message?
This would make it easier to see built duration on first look.

At the moment I open the text log to see this information:

Would be great to see both information directly in the Error Log view.

  1. The Date column is controlled by the Error Log Viewer.

  2. The duration is part of the message. The message has multiple lines and the duration is one of the lines. bnd/ at 09aa0d02046828212f862cc588aff1fe8b59d86b · bndtools/bnd · GitHub

I made PR 4914 to put the duration in the first line of the log message.

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That’s great, thank you. Very helpful when tuning build duration e.g. by restructuring dependencies between bundles.