How get bndtools to recognize file changes done in an external editor like VSCode?

We have a bundle containing some javascript files.
.js files are opened and edited in vscode (for reasons).

Unfortunatelly bndtools (or Eclipse) does not seem to recognize the external change and rebuild the bundle when saving in the external editor.
Only when pressing F5 / Refresh on the bundle in Eclipse it rebuilds. When editing the .js file in eclipse the bundle is rebuild instantly on save too.

Eclipse Settings:

  • MacOS 10.15.7
  • Build automatically is enabled
  • Eclipse Settings / General / Workspace / Refresh using native hooks or polling is enabled
  • Refresh on access enabled too

Especially given the polling feature I would expect that the external file change gets picked up and the bundle is rebuild. I had the impression that it worked once after enabling the feature but not again since.

Any hints?

This must be an Eclipse thing. Bndtools’ incremental builder will be triggered by Eclipse when the resources in the project change and it appears Eclipse is not noticing the change. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks. Eclipse bug report filed: 570794 – File changes done in an external editor not triggering rebuild (Refresh using native hooks or polling is enabled )