How to set DS Annotations descriptor directory

Hello everyone,

I’m currently trying to convert a large set of PDE build projects to BND Workspace projects.
Is there any way to configure a subfolder for Component Descriptors in OSGI-INF? For our projects, There is an upstream requirement to put them in OSGI-INF/components. Under the Plug-in Development category of the eclipse preferences, there exists an option to set this directory, is there an equivalent in bndtools? I couldn’t find such a configuration option in 7.0.0, but I’m also fairly new to bndtools.


Edit: I have found out about -includeresource: OSGI-INF/components/=-OSGI-INF/ but that doesn’t change the descriptor file locations, also I thought maybe the folder must exist before the build, but also that doesn’t change it.

Nope, we always place the component in the OSGI-INF. Nobody ever felt the need for this so far. Why would you want to do this?