Is this bndtools page linked somewhere?

Hi @pkriens ,
I just found this site via google: Bndtools Developer Guide - Bndtools

It shows pretty good how to setup Eclipse IDE when you want to work on bndtools.
But I could not find out, if some other page links to to it.

I think the content is pretty good, and should maybe go to some “How to contribute” page.

Thoughts? I can create the PR then.

I added it to the README. You can add it to the CONTRIBUTING if you want.

This help highly appreciated!

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Ok thanks.

Do you mean, adding the link to CONTRIBUTING or the page-content itself?

Having recently looked for such information, I think it should go here (as next sentence) :

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On that subject:
If it is ok, I would also add the info about how to run testcases also /development.html (and maybe later to CONTRIBUTING).
This is currently hidden in

Took me a while to find that.

Btw: Is this info in the still valid? Or anything to add?

I added 2 PRs addressing this:

  1. add sentence about Eclipse Setup by chrisrueger · Pull Request #5826 · bndtools/bnd · GitHub
    This basically adds the sentence about Eclipse Setup as @mnlipp suggested
  1. a bit larger including website polishing, since I found more “hidden” / unlinked pages with good content.
    Add Running JUnit Tests instructions by chrisrueger · Pull Request #134 · bndtools/ · GitHub