Jar Sign error when signing fat jar in bnd project

We utilize bnd to create a fat JAR file for a specific use case. However, when the size of the fat JAR reaches 23.1 MB, the JAR signing process encounters a failure
Jar sign working as expected for small size jars.

Error message as below no further details shown

Signing Jar out:

Inside the project bnd file I use -includeresource : \ to include different jar and make fat jar
BND Version : 6.4.0.REL-202211291949-g25e4898
In main bnd file jar signing property provided as below
-sign : ${sign.alias}; keypass:=${sign.keypass}

Any help will be appreciated resolving this issue or to exclude this particular project from signing process

Thanks in advance

Could you register an issue on GitHub - bndtools/bnd: Bnd/Bndtools. Tooling to build OSGi bundles including Eclipse, Maven, and Gradle plugins. ?

@pkriens : thanks done Jar Sign error when signing fat jar (jar size is larger) in bnd project · Issue #5760 · bndtools/bnd · GitHub