Jarsigner like Plugin

Hi Folks (especially Peter),

I have written a Plugin that takes the final jar and that does something similar to the JarsignerTool Plugin (running an external Program on the jar and merges the delta in Files and Manifest entries back). It works fine, but right now I register it as a SignerPlugin and use -sign as a trigger.
Do we have any other mechanism for that I can use? It first of all feels wrong and secondly collides potentially with any real jar signer configuration.


I’d make it an exporter? This is called after the jars of the project are done and can do whatever it wants.
Overriding signer sounds like a bad idea.

It is not really an exporter, because it adds some additional information to the jar (like the Jarsigner). I need the result to be signed in the end as well.

Or can I can the jarsigner on an exported jar as well?

An exporter gets the result of a build project and can then do whatever it wants. Signing sounds applicable for this phase.