JAX-RS Whiteboard update question


I updated my JAX-RS Whiteboard example from enRoute OSGi R7 (created via archetypes) to OSGi R8 and Java 11.

I have some questions related to the update:

  1. Are there any plans to provide enRoute archetypes for R8? Or is the archetype approach dropped? It was quite hard to gather all the necessary dependencies manually. It worked out at the end and there are quite some examples to have a look, but for a new start the archetypes where quite helpful.

  2. I realized an increase of the size of the executable jar after updating to R8, the newest libraries and Java 11. Of course there is an increase because of the XML stuff. One of the reasons why I wanted to update to Java 11 to see the effects. But one thing I didn’t get is that now several CXF bundles are required and included in the resulting jar. They weren’t necessary before (which was a 1.0.1).

I’m just curious why they are included now. There is no indication in the change log, and it feels strange that for example the CXF JAX-RS Client API and the CXF JAX-RS Frontend are now a required part of a runtime that provides a REST service. Is this by intention or maybe a mistake and they should be optional?


You may have better response if you ask this OSGi related question in the osgi-users mail list instead of this Bnd group.

You are totally right. The question is not related to bnd in any way.

Sorry for using the wrong channel for that question. I have posted to the osgi-users mailing list now.