New bnd video: Talking with Amit Mondal about OSGi.fx

I made a new video talking with Amit Mondal about his application OSGi.fx. This application is a management agent for OSGi runtimes using Java FX for a graphic front end. It has hundreds of functions. It was developed in his spare time but Amit works for the Smarthome Deutsche Telekom project and this has extensive experience with a large OSGi runtime. The OSGi.fx therefore provides detailed views on every painstaking detail in your runtime. The agent that needs to be installed in the runtime only depends on OSGi R6 and Java 8 and is therefore highly compatible with almost any runtime out there.

Enjoy the Amit Mondal on OSGi.fx video!


BTW, if there are people here that are cool stuff with OSGi/bnd(tools) and want to share it, let me know so we can also do a video. Examples are special libraries, applications, testing, design techniques. I am also interested in people that have a problem that we debug together in a video sessions.