More fine grained control for @HttpWhiteboardResource (Cache Control HTTP Header)

Not sure if this is a bnd question, but maybe somebody has pointers.

We have registered a resource for a webapplication (org.eclipse.jetty bundles). The folder contains static assets like images, .css or .js files. Works great.

@HttpWhiteboardResource(pattern = "/templates/*", prefix = "/src/main/resource/apps/webapp/templates")

accessed via URL e.g.:

Under the hood there it seems that some ResourceServlet is handling the delivery of the file to the browser.

We would like to customize the behavior of this ResourceServlet and add an additional HTTP “Cache-Control” header for some very specific files (by filename).

I have not found a way to override this ResourceServlet or do what I want.
Has anybody done something similar or a hint?

Note: this is in no way related to bnd :slight_smile:

However, since I have experience in this area I can offer two avenues for you to pursue:

  1. Look at the Http whiteboard implementation you are using to see if it has support for this type of special attribution (like maybe via service properties).
  2. More generically, register a servlet filter matching the resource (servlet) to add response headers.
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Thanks a lot. But at least here are all the OSGi gurus. If i manage to solve it i consider reposting on Stackoverflow and answer my own question😃

Thanks @rotty3000, ServletFilter was the hint I needed.
I found a more complete example acs-aem-samples/ at master · Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-samples · GitHub which I just modified to my needs (e.g. changing the Component property to `HttpWhiteboardConstants.HTTP_WHITEBOARD_FILTER_PATTERN + “=/templates/*”)

For other people searching for a solution, I did:

    public void doFilter(ServletRequest request, ServletResponse response,
            FilterChain chain) throws IOException, ServletException {

        HttpServletRequest httpServletRequest = (HttpServletRequest) request;
        HttpServletResponse httpServletResponse = (HttpServletResponse) response;

        if (isStaticFileLikeJavascriptOrCSS(httpServletRequest, httpServletResponse)) {

        	// static resource. should instruct the browser to cache it for some time
        	httpServletResponse.setHeader("Cache-Control", "max-age=3600");
                 chain.doFilter(httpServletRequest, httpServletResponse);