Wildcard support in -includeresource


we’re using bndtools libraries to share common configurations between various projects.
There is one library to include common Eclipse-related files like

-includeresource.fragment: \

I’m wondering whether there is a way to use a wildcard for certain file types like *.e4xmi.
I tried this but it didn’t include any files, so maybe you now if/how this would be possible.

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Did you look at -donotcopy?

No I haven’t, but from its description it’s rather about excluding patterns than including them. I want to include all files of a certain type as the filename can be ambigous.

The -includeresource instruction contains a filter: directive, this is in the Instruction format. So you should be able to do:

   -includeresource.fragment  = .;filter:=*.e4xmi

This is described in the manual