OSGi Summit 2023

Hi everyone,

I’ve just realized that I missed the opportunity to announce this years OSGi Summit here.

The Summit will be part of the EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg from October 16th - 18th. As part of the Community Day we will have a day full of talks in the Nestor Hotel next to the Conference Center. The two following days, will be filled with Face 2 Face meetings for the Specification Project, Technology Project and of the Steering Committee open for everybody. During that time we will discuss specs and also do technical work on TCKs and Specification Implementations. Everything usually tightly coupled with bnd.

The final Agenda will be announce in September. If you want to join or have something to talk about, you are welcome to give us your proposal: PaperCall.io - OSGi Summit 2023 Please note that the CFP ends at September 1th at 1200 UTC. If your talk gets accepted, you will get a free pass.

If you just want to attend, we have a special fee that also gives limited access to the EclipseCon itself. For Details look here: OSGi Summit | EclipseCon 2023

See you there,


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The Agenda is online and we’d be happy to see you in Ludwigsburg. Use your chance to meet the Experts and the Community’s behind OSGi and bndtools!

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Looking forward to see you there :slight_smile: