Which content to move from v2archive.enroute.osgi.org to bndtools.org

The archived website https://v2archive.enroute.osgi.org/ has lots of great educative OSGi related content. But it is not indexed in google. But since the main enroute page is also not maintained anymore it is a pitty that this archive’s content is rather hidden from the internet. As @pkriens pointed out here we could move some content to bndtools.org

I propose to use this topic here to to discuss how and which stuff to move.
I don’t know which approach is best:

  • Migrate everything and remove (outdated) stuff later
  • Migrate selectively
  • leave https://v2archive.enroute.osgi.org/ in place and just remove the <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> to make it indexed in google.


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I think integrating it in bndtools.org is best. It uses the same style markdown so that should be straightforward.

The app notes and catalog should be mostly ok. A quick review with chat gpt and some deletions would be fine.

The tutorials and example would need to be updated. Looking back I really think the raspberry and the train example are really nice.

I’d be willing to do some work if more people are willing to chip in.


I started a PR.
See it as a base for discussion. We can fine tune & throw out stuff then, which we think is outdated / not relevant. I will post an update when I think I have a 1st draft ready. At the moment it is in progress.

I added a first draft:

I would also join forces. Having the examples up to date would be great.

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Just a heads up: We are making progress.
On https://bndtools.org/ there is a new sidebar section “EnRoute Classic” with the migrated content.

More help always welcome.