Bnd 6.4.1 released to maven central

I just released bnd 6.4.1 to Maven central. This fixes some problems with the launcher.

This is a classic release that we will only update for serious stuff. It does not support bndtools nor maven plugins. The only purpose is to have the runtime code available compiled with Java 1.8.

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Hi, can you elaborate on which artifacts have been released for 6.4.1 please? I cannot see anything new in Maven.


It is in maven: Central Repository: biz/aQute/bnd/aQute.libg/6.4.1

Might take a few days for the indexes to show up on other sites.

Thanks for the release. Presently, the GitHub repo still shows 6.4.1 as being the last release. Are there any release notes?

I’ve updated the release information … is my first release :slight_smile:

Is it correct that bnd no longer supports Maven? If so, what is the alternative for Maven users?

Removing Maven support seems to me like a breaking change - it means I cannot upgrade to 6.4.1. Is this really a change that needs to go in at a bug-fix level release?

Ho stop!

The new release will be bnd 7.0.0, we’re doing snapshots right now and will soon begin the release cycle. However, this release is on Java 17. This is hardly ever a problem in development but since bnd is heavily used in embedded, it can cause problems for some of the runtime bundles like the launcher.

Therefore, we created a classic branch that back ports security and crucial features back to the 6.4 line so that people forced to remain on Java 1.8 can keep using the runtime bundles in bnd.

So we will release bnd 7.0.0 with Eclipse, Gradle, Ant, Maven, SBT, and anything we ever supported. Release, don’t worry :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering because right now, it seems that the 6.4.1 classic release was run without including the Maven/Gradle plugins.

That is why it is called ‘classic’ … 6.4.0 will not undergo any more development, we only keep it for the runtime bundles. All new development will go into bnd 7.0.0