Improve Discourse Title - add words "bndtools" and "forum"

I just tried a google search for “bndtools forum” and I was surprised that the first results did not bring this forum. Even worse for “bnd forum”.

Is it possible to change the title of this forum?
Suggestion: “bnd / bndtools forum” (or some other title containing those words… maybe even add OSGi). I would think this would improve findability, since the forum title is also added to each threads page title .

This is the current title meta tags:

Sounds like a low hanging fruit and a good idea.

I unfortunately have the feeling, that the discourse is quite poorly indexed by default. I can’t find anything beyond direct topics in here.

It seems this could be improved via the paired version of discourse.

In discourse Admin under /admin/site_settings/ there are various settings. I think title and the description fields are the easiest part.

Currently there are 344 pages indexed from this forum. See - Google Search

I think other little SEO tweaks could be:

  1. adding more text to the welcome post Welcome to the Bnd Discourse

  2. add a link to the forum in the navbar of

  3. Link from other websites e.g. a blogpost from your company. I can offer placing a link to our blog post.

I’ve updated the description

Thanks. I added small PR in Github which improves the pages of regarding page title and description.

Seems that the recent changes had some effect. 2nd position now.