More Facades: Streamlining Eclipse plugin dev with ExtensionFacade

Hi all, I pray that you are well.

In a previous post More TDD: Facade pattern to streamline Eclipse extension development I wrote about the facade pattern for the Bndtools quick fix processor. When I started trying to apply this pattern to other extensions, I realised there was a great deal of boilerplate in each implementation. Hence, the ExtensionFacade was born. This can be used as-is for many extension types.

There is a detailed explanation of it in the Bndtools repo: bnd/ at master · bndtools/bnd · GitHub

Very helpful for people developing Eclipse plugins using Bndtools.

Is it me or the link points to a totally different subject about markers?


It wasn’t just you. :smile: Somehow I pasted a permalink to an old revision. Should be fixed now. Sincerest apologies.

I guess you were just checking if anybody would click on the link to read it :slight_smile: